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Are you looking for a local independent auto servicing/repairing workshop you can trust?

Finding a quality mechanic can be hard, so with over 30 years’ experience you can be sure our highly trained, certified mechanics will not just check your vehicle, we’ll use the very latest technology to measure every aspect of your vehicles performance and safety and then show you the results so you know exactly what needs to be done and why.

Hello, from Car Physio Automotive team, a brand-new auto servicing/repairing workshop based in beautiful Dural servicing all nearby areas.

We are environmentally conscious meaning we only use products which have minimal impact on environment, and we are also car lovers. So, weather you have a vintage car or the latest high-end machine you can trust us the make sure it’s running at it best.

Partnered with Aussie automotive industry leaders

We have partnered with some of the best Aussie automotive industry providers including Anglomoil®,  SafeTstop, and  Sterling Engineering meaning you can trust us to find any problems and fix them first time.

  • Providing Loan Car
  • Car Pick up and drop off
  • How we are ensuring Car is disinfected/take care off (COVID)
Trust the one who measures, not just checks!!!

Call our workshop on 04 5060 8030

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