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AnglomOil® is a wholly Australian family owned and operated lubricants manufacturer. Along with company founders Michael and June Croasdale the company was established in 1975, blending and packaging lubricants and chemicals for major oil companies such as Total and BP.

At a later stage, further opportunities in the market for locally manufactured premium performance lubricants became apparent and therefore Bill Croasdale joined the family business to make their own formulations. Bill had significant industry experience having led in Executive and Technical roles for major international oil companies. Through continuous Research & Development and improvements they applied the most effective blend methods which would go on to out-perform the majors and be recognised on the Global Stage.

From day one the company philosophy was to never compromise on quality. We sourced the FINEST raw materials from world leading companies like Lubrizol and developed a wide range of products at our purpose built “World Class” blending facilities operating at the highest levels of quality in Sydney, Australia.

The AnglomOil® business model is largely influenced by our client base and focus on development of products and technical solutions for end-users in various industries ranging from Automotive, Agriculture & Earthmoving, Food Manufacturing, Industrial, Transport & Commercial, Marine, Garden Care and many other Speciality Blends including OEM packaging for retail and industrial brands.

The news of AnglomOil® successes spread primarily by word of mouth having won many clients over 45 years built on trust, reliability, flexibility and affordable quality and today we have a significant client base, many of whom have remained loyal and supportive for well over 25 years. We distribute millions of litres of unique and superior blends both in bulk and OTC packaging throughout Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia with significant capacity for growth.

AnglomOil® continues to re-invest heavily in research and development and are starting to improve market awareness through niche marketing approaches to boost the “word-of-mouth” referrals. AnglomOil®  remains one of the few manufacturing success stories and “Australia’s Best Kept Secret”.

We at AnglomOil® stand by every drop of our “Australian Made” world-class lubricants, which have been our passion, and we personally assure you that we will remain at the leading edge of quality and superior performance lubricants.

As part of the AnglomOil® succession planning Victor Prasad has joined forces with Michael Croasdale as the Chief Executive Officer and equal share owner in 2017, Victor has come from an extensive background in building and operating enterprises in Retail, Property, Resources, Funds Management, Technology and Health Sectors who will assist in leading us into our next era of expansion and growth.

The last 3 years have seen AnglomOil® expand operations in NSW, Victoria, New Zealand and an exciting joint venture business in Vietnam. South East Asia has embraced the AnglomOil® quality lubricants as many of the current suppliers such as Mobil, BP/Castrol and Caltex were supplying superseded products to this market. AnglomOil® latest Australian formulations were seen as a step forward in this market offering lubrication efficiencies to a broad range of equipment otherwise not seen by most of the major oil companies.

We at AnglomOil® believe in the value of hard work and fair play as displayed through our Anglomoil Racing Team Sponsorship commitments in Boating, Classic Cars, Race Buggies and Truck Racing. As AnglomOil®  is not a retail product our sponsorship programs give us the opportunity to showcase the performance of our product. We currently have agreements with Cameron Tilley who runs a Valiant V8 Mopar Pacer in the Touring car Master series. Cameron uses our products across all components with great success.

In 2019 AnglomOil® embarked on sponsoring the Historic Touring Car Association. This series caters for production touring cars built before 31st December 1972. We look forward to a long-standing relationship with HTCA in 2020 and 2021.

Other sponsorships include the World Time Attack series with the BMW Z4 V8 owned by John Papadatos from K&J Racing. John switched from Liquid Moly and found significant improvements in maintaining viscosity using AnglomOil®. Other events include F1 Boat Racing, Truck Racing and Race Buggies used in the Fink Desert Race. No matter the conditions or application we have a lubricant that will outperform the rest.

Finally, AnglomOil® is no stranger in giving back to the community. Participating in the Royal Flying Doctor charity golf day events, giving lubricants to the struggling farmers in drought effected areas are just some of the ways we keep Australia moving. AnglomOil® welcomes the opportunity to tour the factory and explain why and how great performing oils are made.

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